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Simon Mann is a special forces veteran, mercenary, and founder with a proven track record of success in war and business across the globe. He offers advisory services in the defense and security sectors, consulting services in the oil, gas, and mining industries, and leadership training to small, and medium sized entities.

About Simon Mann

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Simon Mann has been a soldier for the United Kingdom as an officer in the Scots Guards and SAS as well as for several African governments as a mercenary. He is best known for the ill-fated coup attempt against the president of Equatorial Guinea which landed him over five years in two of Africa's toughest prisons before receiving a pardon and eventually forming a friendship with the president he tried to overthrow. See below for an abridged timeline of Simon's professional accomplishments.

1978: Transfer to the Special Air Service (SAS)

1995: Co-founder of Sandline International, a private military contractor. Named COO of DiamondWorks, a mining company in Angola and Sierra Leone

2021: London Ambassador to STTEP International

1970: Graduate Eton College

1990: Founding employee of Heritage Oil & Gas in Angola

2011: Publication of my memoir Cry Havoc

1972: Graduate RMA Sandhurst, begin services in the Scots Guards

1993: Co-founder of Executive Outcomes, operating in Angola, Sierra Leone, and elsewhere

2011: Continued work as an independent consultant through to the present day

1982: Founder of two start ups in early development of micro-computer technology for use by special operations forces

2004: Architect of failed coup plot to overthrow President Obiang in Equatorial Guinea, imprisoned and eventually pardoned in 2009


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Simon has spoken around the world to a wide range of audiences on the urgency of the security situation in Africa. He has also given keynote presentations on African development, natural resources, and supply chain issues.


Simon continues to act as a trusted security advisor to African officials both at the presidential level and to security and defense chiefs. He brings with him a current political and strategic network second to none.

Oil, Gas, Mining

Having founded, co-founded or consulted with top companies, Simon is an expert on resource extraction, exploration, and operations.

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